Instruction to Authors

ADOU Journals expect authors to submit manuscripts that meet the standards of international research. In view of this, a comprehensive list of instructions has been made available to authors. These include;

  1. The manuscript should be prepared using Garamond font, the font size is 12 and the line spacing is 1.5. The Journal follows the IMRaD approach (Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion and Conclusions and Recommendations). A manuscript which does not conform to this shall be rejected.
  2. Author Details: Authors must endeavour to include the following on the title page of their manuscripts: Full name and affiliations (main department, Institution, city with postal code and country). The corresponding author must be indicated with the provision of their email address without the inclusion of titles. This must be separated from the main work and uploaded together as separate files.
  3. Abstract: The second page of the manuscript must contain the Abstract only, which must not be longer than 250 words. The Abstract must capture the following: Brief Background, Methodology, Results and Conclusion and Recommendation.
  4. Discussion: Authors are advised to structure the discussion properly and relate the findings to the empirical literature.
  5. Figures: This should be of high quality. Must be neat and inserted properly. All symbols and abbreviations used in the figure should be properly defined. All labels for figures must be at the bottom of the figure.
  6. Tables: New information must be presented in the tables where readers can be able to interpret it without seeking reference in the text. They should be self-explanatory with a brief descriptive title. All labels for Tables must be at the top of the table.
  7. Equations: All equations submitted as word documents in the manuscripts must be editable.
  8. References: The accuracy of references is the sole responsibility of the authors. In-text references should be provided in the appropriate format using APA Format.