Guest Editor

Primarily, the guest editor is responsible for the intellectual content of the issues relating to manuscripts and publications. These include; securing articles from authors, reviewing them, working with authors to make necessary revisions and arranging for review.

  • They ensure that the peer-review process is fair and timely. The content of papers selected must be based on scientific quality. Topics should also fall within the domain of issues hosted by the Journal.
  • Reviewing of articles must be selected by guest editors along with the editorial assistant. In order to determine whether there is any form of bias, the guest editor must review any potential conflict of interest made by reviewers.
  • Reviewing articles must be reviewed by at least, two external reviewers where necessary, with the opinion of the guest editor being sought. To avoid the selection of fraudulent peer reviewers, the guest editor must follow a guide on best practices which have been provided by publishers.
  • An electronic submission system must be utilized by the guest editor for all Journal communication.
  • The guest editor is responsible for the protection of all materials submitted to the Journal. Confidentiality of articles is also ensured.